Ground Channel

"Ground Channel" is the participatory installation. This is a project to listening to the ground sounds through headphones in real time.
This project started from "Code Color Museum Project". "Code Color Museum Project" was planned by Harutaka Matsumoto. (He is an artist / a director.) He built a structure in a place. It is the key that opens as an art space the place. Then he appointed the owner of the place as a curator / museum director. This is a project to do art activities based on the aesthetics of the man.
I was given the home garden in this project. Various plants had been planted in there. In the process of conducting the survey, I found the article of Journal. It was written “Plants are taking communicate with each other emits sound from roots.” Based on the concept "listening to the voice of plants", by the "action" and "sound", I tried to direct the consciousness to the presence of others.
Audience seemed very interested in the ground sounds. I noticed the action that people listen to the voice of plants is the action that plants listen to sounds of our life. The sound through the filter of soil have a sound different from the usual. Audience had a strong awareness of our place by the difference
By this experience, I am thinking about enforcing this project in a different location I'd like to a deep consideration and verification by the basis of the reaction of people. (Desember 2012)


「Ground Channel」は、地面に集音装置を埋めヘッドフォンを介しリアルタイムで周囲の音を聞く参加型のインスタレーション作品です。本作品のきっかけとなったコードカラー美術館プロジェクトとは、美術家の松本春崇氏が企画したもので、ある家に、その家を芸術空間として開く鍵となる色を塗った擬似建築物を作り設置し、家人を美術館館長や学芸員とし、その家庭の美学に基づいた美術館活動を行なうプロジェクトです。