2013 / paper





'Map' is a series work on the basis of a number of exhibition maps that were used in a same gallery. I collected archives of exhibition maps from the galley. After that I edited and put them on a sheet of map. Each dot represents the location of the past works in the gallery and each size of dot correspond with the size of work. In this work, I tried to illustrate a number of sites within the gallery across time and space as if in celestial maps. The celestial maps allow us to recognize numerous stars, constellations and galaxies that exist in different spaces and times are illustrated on a sheet of paper. The specific spatial description greatly fascinates me. I installed the map made from the archives of exhibition maps into the same gallery as if the gallerists put for exhibitions. Accordingly, the viewer could receive them in the same way as an ordinary exhibition and explore the artworks that were not in there anymore, following the map. The important thing of spatial interaction in this work is the nested space. The gallery spaces are contained inside other spaces and can be described at different levels of abstraction.




"split a thread", gallery COEXIST-TOKYO / Tokyo, Japan